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Roof Maintenance in Minneapolis

Roof maintenance is crucial to the sustainability and longevity of your roof.

The old adage “an ounce of prevention” was probably born in roofing industry. When Central Roofing Company™ cares for your building, it will last longer and look better. We provide roof maintenance for all roof types, including (but not limited to):

At Central Roofing Company™, we structure customized preventative maintenance programs designed to protect your facility with consideration of your budget.

The preventative maintenance services that Central Roofing Company™ provides include:

– Inspection checklist related to your roofing system, documenting defects, points of deterioration and compromised roof accessories and assemblies in need of repair
– Debris removal
– Clearing drains for proper water flow
– Caulking terminations and pipe seals as needed
– Documented roof surface defects, water-entry points and damage
– Detailed written assessment with photographs
– Cost-effective repair or replacement solutions
– Central Roofing Company™ will identify necessary safety requirements to remain OSHA compliant and will specify actionable solutions to help you uphold these standards and regulations.

Why is it vital to have a clean roof?

Your roof and roof accessories will get dirty from environmental exposure. In just a few short years, photovoltaic solar panels, reflective roof systems and coatings, skylights and light tubes will require cleaning to retain their energy-efficient benefits.

In order to restore your commercial roofing system to its optimal performance, it is necessary to have a maintenance strategy in place that includes professional cleaning. Central Roofing Company™ offers a sustainable cleaning solution that restores, protects and maintains your roofing system.

This cleaning technology is environmentally-friendly and EPA-approved. Scheduled cleanings will help maintain the energy-efficiency and R-values of your roof while keeping your roofing system code-compliant.

When you are in need of professional roof maintenance in Minneapolis, do not hesitate to contact Central Roofing Company™!

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