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Our commercial roof repair contractors will take your roofing problems and create solutions.

At Central Roofing Company, we specialize in every aspect of commercial roofing and every type of commercial roof repair that is needed. Contact one of our competent service managers to discuss the specifics of your job.

As a commercial property owner, it is important that you find the best commercial roof repair service the first time. You do not want to keep calling the contractor back every time there is a roofing problem. It is much better to have it repaired right the first time!

A highly experienced commercial roof repair contractor, you can count on Central Roofing Company to do the job right the first time! No other roof repair contractor has the combination of resources and experience that the professionals at Central Roofing Company have.

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Leak Investigation & Repair

Roof leak investigation & repair requires a specific skill and training. Understanding the dynamics of what causes water intrusion into your roofing system years of experience and specialized training. You can rest assured that when a Central Roofing Company repair and maintenance crew is dispatched to repair your roof; you have the best skilled and experienced team on the job.

Warranty Repairs

Central Roofing Company is a licensed applicator of all major manufacturer’s roofing systems. This allows us to perform up-fits, renovations, and repairs to all warranted and non-warranted roofing systems. Our crews are professionally trained to insure that our work is not only the best in the industry, but it maintains the existing manufacturer’s warranty on your roof.

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We Are a Roof Repair Contractor Based in Minneapolis – St. Paul & Serving Minnesota. Call us at 763-572-0660.

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