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5 Common Mistakes When Painting a Metal Roof

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Painting a metal roof is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. There are several ways that you can make a mistake, and correcting those mistakes can be difficult. By using a few tricks of the trade and avoiding these mistakes, you will be sure to end up doing a great paint job on your metal roof.

Not Using Sealant

Using a sealant is absolutely vital when painting a metal roof. If you do not, the paint could peel or flake off of the roof, meaning you will have done all that work for nothing. A sealant will hold the paint in place, making it much more long lasting. Make sure to use the right sealant for the paint you will be using, as each paint requires a specific sealant.

Using Old Paint

A metal roof needs a special kind of paint, so using what’s leftover from another job will not cut it. The materials used to make the roof are different than drywall or wood, so the paint for those substances will not work on metal. You need to use a proper paint for use on metal. If you do not, your paint job will be runny and unsightly.

Not Applying it Correctly

The paint you use must be applied in the right manner for it to be effective. First off, make sure you’re using enough paint with each stroke. It may look like enough as you’re applying it, but as it dries it will be thin. Load your brush up with lots of paint and apply it thickly, so you will not have to spend time putting on another coat.

Not Using Energy Efficient Paint

It is a good idea to use a more economical paint. It may not make your results look better, but it will be better for your pocket book. A reflective paint that’s thicker will allow you to fully coat the roof while using less paint. Because of its thickness, you will not have to go over certain spots several times.

Not Maintaining it

Even with the best paint job, you should be cleaning your roof every six months or so. Using bleach, detergents, and water, will do the trick of not just getting debris off that might scratch the paint, but also remove stains and spots. If the paint has chipped or been scratched off, you can also do a quick repair before the problem gets worse.

Avoiding these mistakes will ensure that the results of your metal roof paint job are fantastic.

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