If you have a home in the big city you may still benefit from a nice garden space. In case you are wondering how, it’s rather simple – implement a rooftop garden project. It is not the same as practicing your gardening skills in a dedicated garden space, but it definitely comes close enough to consider it as an alternative.

The most essential component of starting a rooftop garden is a roof that can support such a project. After all, in order to grow certain plants, you have to assure that proper conditions are met. In order to get the project going you need to have a vision of what you want to achieve and motivation realize it. You will also have to consider the following tips as they can greatly help your gardening efforts:

Soil – in order to grow your plants, you need to have the right soil. The thing to consider is that since your garden will be on the roof, there will be less aeration overall. For this reason, don’t go with the typical triple mix, for it will not work that well. Instead, container mix will provide better option. Don’t forget to add slow release fertiliser and some Perlite or Vermiculite and you will have the perfect soil mix for your rooftop gardening care efforts.

Pots and containers – the next thing you need to consider is what containers and pots to use for your plants. Terra cotta is among the most popular options that every expert gardener knows about, but there is a slight problem with that. It comes from the fact that such containers dry out quickly in the absence of shade, which is sometimes the case for rooftop gardens. Custom made planters with proper insulation work best so it would be great if you can acquire such.

Drainage – don’t forget that your containers need to allow water drainage. Always leave some opening at the bottom, to ensure that is the case.

Flooring – consider the fact that rooftop gardens are not just about the plants and the way you implement them; they are also about having the right flooring around, which should greatly synergise with the garden. One of the most popular options for condos is concrete pavers, but those are mostly impersonal and cold. To change this, you can install decking over the existing paving, which is a great way to make things more interesting and add accent. Wood is a nice option for decking, but you can also go with other materials that contribute with colorful patterns for an interesting look.

Plants – now that you have taken care of the other elements of your rooftop garden, you need to get down to the essential parts of every gardening project – plants. Perennials are a great option for such project, because garden care for them is easy and there is less work they demand. You need to provide deep containers and pots to support root growth. If you want a flower garden, you can pick just about any type, for every flower looks great in a rooftop project like this.

A word of caution – one thing you have to absolutely consider is the added weight of the garden features such as pots, containers and soil. Keep in mind what weight the structure can actually support and don’t get carried away. One more thing to remember is that rooftops may get windy at times. Avoid lightweight materials, as they can easily get tipped and damaged.

A rooftop garden can be your personal oasis in the concrete jungle, as long as you design it right. Keep in mind all factors before you start and plan carefully for best results.

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