Central Roofing Company’s Response to Executive Order 20-20: Stay at Home

Released March 26, 2020

Jason Stock | CFO/Vice President of Central Roofing Company


In this challenging time, I feel truly blessed to be a part of an organization like Central Roofing.  The entire team has stepped up to make sure this is a safe, healthy place to work.  We have followed the “Do the Five” initiative and initiated additional health and safety standards for the purpose of responding responsibly to COVID-19.  By doing so, we have been able to support our clients, vendors, community and especially our co-workers.

Emergency Executive Order 20-20 – “Stay at Home” includes a category for Construction & Critical Trades.  This category includes “workers in the skilled trades such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC and elevator technicians, and other related construction of all kind.”  We have reviewed the Executive Order and after extensive discussion with leadership and industry partners we made adjustments to our structure and practices with two important factors in mind; one, to be sure Central Roofing Company is following the intent of the Order to help slow the spread of COVID-19; and two, to ensure we can provide the safest possible place to work.


Therefore, starting Monday, March 30, 2020, we will continue to operate Central Roofing Company on a limited capacity during the executive order which is set to conclude on April 10, 2020.  The Production and Sheet Metal Department leadership have been looking over the current workload and they are developing plans of attack.  We want to make sure that we could put enough resources on each project while still limiting the number of people everyone could be exposed to.  Over the next two weeks we will keep the crew sizes to what is needed and the crew members consistent.  We do not want crew members to bounce between job sites.  We are limiting the number of operators and drivers over the same period.  To further reduce movement and potential spread of exposure, we are asking foremen on our job sites to call in your needs so items can be delivered to you versus standing crew members to the office/warehouse for pick up.


 The Service Department has done an outstanding job taking care of our clients in this unprecedented time.  We want to continue that outstanding service you provide.  We are asking the service technicians to consistently stay with their partner and their vehicles during this time.  We are asking that you avoid entering the office or warehouse.  We would like you to check-in and out with Josh Mattson by calling him when you enter the yard to report to work.  We would like you to make out your material needs at the start of your shift so the warehouse staff can pull your material and meet your equipment needs.  At the end of your shift, please wipe down the inside of your trucks with the disinfectant spray that is provided.


We are also in the process of limiting the number of people in the office for the next two weeks by having alternating schedules to follow the Executive Order’s intent.  Expect planning and communication to be ongoing.

In closing, I know that Team Central will rise up at this moment in our history.  Comply with the intent of the Executive Order, continue to “Do the Five” and make all efforts to stay healthy and safe at home outside of essential tasks. The final note: if you are not feeling 100% in good health, we request that you stay home until you are better.

 Thank you,



If you opt-to or are required to access Unemployment Benefits, the following information will help you get started:

  • The system is available Sunday through Friday 6:00am to 8:00 pm.
  • You should apply for benefits on the first day you are unemployed.
  • Apply using Covid-19 layoff.

You will need the following items to apply:

  • Driver’s license number or other state government identification number
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