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We are Central™ to Service

“When we hire a Service Technician, we are looking for a person who can do more than fix a leak or patch a tear; we hire people who understand customer service and approach every job as the time-sensitive, urgent matter it is. The Central component to effective Service work is keeping the customer informed and completing the task at hand quickly and cleanly. If we have to go back because there is a larger issue with the structure to tackle, we use the same approach: effective customer communication, efficient project completion.”

Corey Sias, Service Department Manager

Whether Central Roofing Company™ completed the original project on the structure or not, we provide exteriors services to assure peace of mind to the property owner or manager. We are Central to solutions to leaky roofs, dripping gutters, loose siding, broken sealants, foggy skylights, water and wind damage, cracked sidewalks and patios, loose deck boards, clogged roof drains and vents and more. Our exceptional Service Department handles everything from new construction projects, general roof re-pairs, retrofitting additions and building expansions as well as providing emergency service, preventative maintenance, and specialized multi-family housing services. We dispatch responsive, highly trained teams of professional Service Technicians from our sites in Minneapolis and Rochester, Minnesota. Our fleet of more than 20 service trucks is outfitted with the tools and materials needed for our technicians to create solutions from your roofing and building problems.