Regarding employee and customer safety during the COVID-19 pandemic

At this time, Central Roofing Company remains open, operational and fully responsive to customers.  As always, we are actively monitoring and adjusting our safety standards to suit the requirements of our work and assure employee health and well-being.  The safety of our employees, customers, and the public has always been our top priority so, in that regard, nothing has changed about our culture and focus.  At the same time, our Pandemic Response Team has implemented policies specific to these unprecedented times to protect employees and customers from the spread of the COVID-19.

We have successfully implemented measures to reduce risks to employees and accommodate needs that have resulted from the pandemic:

  1. Entrance into our buildings is limited to employees and essential third-parties necessary for business operations and cleaning.
  2. The cleaning of offices, common workspaces, shared equipment and vehicles has been amplified.  Likewise, cleaning and hygiene supplies are available throughout our facilities.
  3. Social-distancing of at least 6 feet is encouraged.
  4. Communication via email, web conferencing and phone is preferred.  We are working with others in our industry to promote telecommunication and electronic methods to conduct pre-construction planning, customer communications and the like.  On a positive note, we are using this time to discover new ways to stretch our electronic resources and communication methods.
  5. In-person meetings have been reduced to only the essential and only with essential participants.
  6. Throughout the company, we are replanning and designing our methods in order to get our work done with the least number of person-to-person contacts.
  7. Finally, we are offering flexible scheduling to employees as available and providing other accommodations on a case-by-case basis, including the ability for any employee to take a leave of absence.


Customers can expect business as usual++.

We are taking additional health and safety measures on Production job sites including limiting access to only crew members and supervisors.  In reality, this is typically the case due to our own Central safety standards.  Service teams are also responding to customer requests for precautions.  We are using conference calling, web meetings, and other electronic communication methods to a higher degree to deliver updates and information, provide employee training, dispatch production schedules and service technician teams, to troubleshoot, and to plan.

At this time, we do not expect any disruptions or delays in our ability to perform any of our work.  We remain steadfast in our capabilities and have the tools to continue to provide estimates, plan new projects, make repairs and do our best work.  Our sales, project management, and response teams are a phone call or email away and they remain supported by an exemplary team of roofing and sheet metal professionals.

Thank you for your continued support of Central Roofing Company.

Be safe, wash your hands and keep your eyes on the future.


Warren Stock, Chief Operations Officer


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