Soon roofing experts everywhere will be turning their eyes to the very first installation of Tesla’s Solar Roof product. It is expected to happen in the near future, and being touted as the most comprehensive solar roof on the market. People in the roofing and solar industries are eagerly waiting to see what this new roof will mean for them.

The new Solar Roof will have glass tiles offered in four styles. From the ground, they will look like any other roofing tile. However, embedded underneath the surface of the tiles are photovoltaic solar cells. The idea behind glass tiles is that Tesla believes them to be tougher than regular roofing tiles. As such, they come with a lifetime guarantee. Tesla will throw in the cost of demolishing the old roof along with the cost of installation. There have been other attempts to introduce solar tiles into the market, but so far they have failed.

The demand for solar power has declined over recent years as electricity prices have generally dropped. There is hope that the new innovations introduced by Tesla, along with their built-in customer base can help boost the flagging market. The price tag might be high, however, since it is not just an installation of solar panels. It is replacing an entire roof with solar tiles. The benefit may depend on where one lives. Tax incentives for solar power, and hydro costs, among other other things vary from state to state. Every deductions and incentives, a new solar roof could cost as have a net cost of as much as $7,000 even when factoring in energy savings.

With such a high cost, the solar roof will for now be a luxury addition to most homes. It will take some time for this type of roof to get the footing it needs to become a fixture in every neighborhood. However, in the meantime, it can perhaps get people talking again about solar as a legitimate source for energy for regular homeowners. As the world changes, roofing and energy options will evolve and change as well. For the roofing industry, it will be very fascinating to watch what takes place as they contemplate their role in the coming years.

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