Summer weather can be extreme. High heat, humidity, drought, and severe storms can damage or even destroy a roof. If you have a commercial property, making sure your roof is ready for the summer weather is crucial for the success of your business. Roofing professionals often have to work around rain storms and other severe weather when scheduling appointments. That is why taking preemptive steps to secure your commercial roof can help prevent any costly repairs. Follow the tips below to ensure your commercial roof has the ability to withstand the extremes of Minnesota’s summer weather:

Keep the surrounding landscape tidy

Though you may be focused on the property itself, making sure that the landscape around your roof is clear can help prevent storm damage. Trimming overhanging branches and removing dead tree limbs will reduce the amount of debris that hits your roof during a strong storm, especially if it is flat or has a low slope.

Clean the gutters

Even relatively small storms can produce enough wind to sweep old leaves, twigs, and other small material into your gutters. If they become clogged, water cannot drain properly and will accumulate. Concentrated pockets of water will increase the amount of weight your roof must support. It can start to erode the roofing material itself. Even if water stays in the gutters, if it does not drain properly, the excess weight can pull gutters away from the side of your structure.

Inspecting skylights

If your roof has skylights, inspect the seal between your skylight and the roof. This will ensure that no water drips through the seal during a storm and that the skylights are secure enough to withstand heavy wind and rain.

Schedule a commercial roof inspection

Schedule an inspection with Central Roofing Company. Our experienced roofing professionals will spot potential issues before they become costly problems. We can also perform more specialized tasks – such as reinforcing your sealings – if there are tears or cracks present. It does not matter what type of roofing material is used. We can make the necessary repairs to ensure that summer weather does not damage your roof.

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