College Hill, St. Paul, Historical Restoration

This project was completed at the College Hill Condominiums on College Avenue in College Hill in St. Paul, Minnesota. The project is considered a historical conservation and restoration endeavor.

The building was built in the late 1800s and features architectural details unique to its time. The experts at Central Roofing Company™ re-roofed the building and restored areas of the facial using custom sheet metal applications. The sheet metal features reflective surfaces and will help improve ventilation and insulation in the building. This means that the building owner will experience reduced energy costs.

Incidentally, another Central Roofing Company project that is similar to College Hill is the Stillwater Prison and the St. Cloud Prison. Both are very old buildings that we modularly updated with custom sheet metal, waterproofing and re-roofing, all while maintaining the obvious security measures required.

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