International Market Square

International Market Square
Minneapolis is the largest home and commercial interior design marketplace in the northern Midwestern United States. Visitors can explore more than 60 showrooms, studios, galleries, restaurants, shops, and other amenities all in one location. It is open to both home and commercial design professionals, as well as the general public.

History of International Market Square

International Market Square has a long history with the Minneapolis community. It has housed several pioneers of Minneapolis design that have helped create the unique look of the Twin Cities.

The International Market Square building was constructed in 1905 and modeled after San Francisco’s Design Center. Northwestern Knitting first used the space as a manufacturing facility. The building then served as headquarters for Munsingwear Inc., which pioneered a more a comfortable union suit using wool fibers with silk and cotton.

Green Building

International Market Square understands and appreciates how human beings affect the environment. Therefore, we take environmental protection and eco-friendliness very seriously. As a result, IMS has earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR. The ENERGY STAR is a national symbol for energy efficiency and environmental protection. Furthermore, IMS is currently reducing energy consumption equal to that used to power 218 households a year.

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