Velo Flats

Minneapolis, Minnesota

In 2013, Central Roofing Company was contracted to reroof the entire downtown HCMC campus, an area that covers two city blocks in length and one in width. While we were on top the building reroofing and securing the roof, the business of the hospital below our feet was essential and needed to continue uninterrupted. The Pediatric area needed to be completed over a weekend when there would be fewer patients present. The area of the Neurosurgery unit needed to be completed while surgery was taking place. In addition, due to the amount of energy produced within the building because of imaging machines and medical equipment, the building needed to be outfitted with numerous lightning rods and electromagnetic units to off-set the chances of possible damage to the hospital from lightning and the elements. CRC was on top of all of these delicate issues and the project was successfully completed.

Special interest: While we roofing HCMC we filmed our first company television commercial. We asked the communications director at HCMC if we could film on hospital property and she suggested we film in one of their operating rooms. She even organized for an HCMC surgeon and nurses to participate. The nurses prepped the entire room to look like a procedure was about to take place and CRC’s Steve Johnson made his television debut with the line, “When surgeons saving lives cannot stop, we are Central to keeping work going.” Behind the scenes, everyone who was in the room during filming, including CRC staff and the camera crew, needed to wear head-to-toe protective clothing to maintain the sterile environment. Just another day at Central Roofing Company!

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