Scrappin’ for Kids

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We are Central™ to Giving Back.

Scrappin’ for Kids is a non-profit project started by Central Roofing Company™ in 2013. We partner with K&K Metal Recycling of Minneapolis to recycle metal at a premium through their own charity programs. To date, over $50,000 has been raised by recycling the scrap metal taken off our roofing projects and accumulated in our in-house sheet metal department, and given to children’s charities like Autism Speaks, St. Jude’s Medical Research, Special Olympics, Toys for Tots, local schools and more.

It is part of our vision to see this program grow. To that end, we would like to be Central to the beginning of a Scrappin’ for Kids program for your company. Contact us for information on Scrappin’ for Kids and how we accomplish this task. We can help you get started.

Thank you for your interest in Scrappin’ for Kids!