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Architectural is defined as “the act of making parts” – or an entire building – from metal or metal paneling. It is not only a science; there is a strong artistic element to it. In order to achieve specific aesthetics, the shape, texture and design elements of sheet metal are completely customized when it is fabricated.

Central Roofing Company™ serves as a parent company to Central Sheet Metal Company, a provider of the largest suite of sheet metal and panel installation options in the Twin Cities and in the state of Minnesota. Central Sheet Metal Company works with a strong network of skilled and experienced technicians, project managers and fabricators utilizing the most modern equipment and technology.

What Makes Central Roofing Company Different?

Central Roofing has 60 types of metal in various colors on hand. Our sheet metal department has a crew of six professionals who are dedicated solely to fabrication. They hold degrees in Architectural Sheet Metal or Mechanical/HVAC Sheet Metal and are members of the local Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association. Another two dozen professionals provide full-time installation services.

All of the skilled staff members at Central Roofing work hand in hand with each other and with the project managers in both the Sheet Metal Department (for metal–focused work) and in our Production and Service Departments (for roofing services).

The metals we have on hand include (but are not limited to):

• Copper
• Steel
• Polymer Coating
• Corten
• Corrugated Metal
• Aluminum
• Zinc

Our Architectural Sheet Metal Construction Process

The exclusive and functional architectural sheet metal designs by Central Roofing require great expertize, project planning skills and the proper application of resources. During our planning and design process, all details are discussed and a comprehensive budget is made. We ensure that coordination during construction will be timely. We also plan measures that ensure the safety of all employees involved in the project. Central Roofing performs each construction procedure.   Work efficiency and accuracy in measurements and installation are the results of our effort.

Our architectural sheet metal construction plan is divided into three distinct steps. These steps are consistently intertwined to ensure an efficient process. These phases include:

Pre-Construction & Design Phase

This stage involves thorough preparation of the project and establishing the fine details. It consists of the following:

• Ensuring that complete Quality Management and safety measures are in place.
• Preparing legible architectural designs.
• Producing an elaborate project schedule.
• Shopping for the required material, ensuring that bargains on price, quality and delivery time is considered.
• Generating the initial plans that accommodate all stages of constructions.

Construction Phase

This phase involves the actual implementation of the work and bringing to life the your expectations. It consists of the following:

• Updating all parties involved in the project on progress and communicating future details.
• Visiting to the construction site to assess the progress and quality of work taking place.
• Dealing with any deviations from the original plan.
• Ensuring that no resources are wasted.

Project Completion Phase

At this stage, all construction work is complete and only the following activities must be met before we present the end product:

• We perform a careful inspection of the finished product.
• The architect will sign a form verifying that all procedures are complete.
• We will confirm all warranty information.
• All parties involved with review the contract one final time to ensure the full completion of the project.