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Central Roofing Company™ is the number one commercial flat roof repair contractor in Minnesota and we are happy to explain why. Flat roof repair can be challenging. That is why our team guarantees the best service possible at the most reasonable price.

The reason we are able to offer such superior service is based on a few concepts that set our business apart from the competition:

Experience. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience working on a variety of commercial flat roofs, including built-up, modified bitumen, and rubber membrane flat roof systems. This allows us to make the best decisions when it comes to repair and gives us an ability to spot potential problems before they become major issues.

Extended Service. Not only do we repair your roof, we can also provide regular follow-up appointments to make sure that no problems develop. No only will this keep your roof in top shape, but it will save you money on costly repairs that may occur due to neglect.

Integrity. We believe that doing the job right the first time is the best way to serve our Minnesota customers. Unlike our competition, we do not compromise when it comes to our quality standards. If a problem arises during the flat roof repair process, our team will work late until the issue has been resolved correctly, rather than scrabbling to finish a project as quickly as we can. Taking the time to finish a job correctly will save you both time and money.

Quality Materials. We never skip on the finest quality materials. When you combine great material with our experience, the results are the finest commercial roofing jobs in town. We ensure that our hard work will not go to waste by using material that is meant to last. This will significantly reduce your maintenance costs over time and can prevent weather-related issues like leaks or cracks.

If you are ready to receive the finest quality roof repair services at the best price available, call 763-572-0660 or contact us online. It will only take a few minutes to schedule a consultation.