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Choosing the best roof for your commercial structure can be challenging, especially with so many options in today’s market. If you analyze your roofing needs and find that space is your primary need, a flat roof may be the best fit for your property. A flat roof is an affordable option that requires little maintenance, while providing the maximum amount of usable space. A flat roof can offer other benefits as well:

Easy Access. Without a steep slope or gradient, it is much easier to repair and clean. You will not have to worry about your employees slipping and because it is easy to access, you have more opportunity to inspect and repair anything suspicious before it becomes a problem.

Affordable Cost. Because flat roofs do not require shingles or any other decorative touches, construction and installation costs are minimized. Another factor in the low price of a flat roof is that fewer complications arise during construction because of its simple design.

Life Span and Durability. Flat roofs are easy to maintain over time and the gravel and tar that sit on top of the flat surface provide lasting durability. Often, flat roofs can last as long as thirty years before needing any major repair. These factors make them a popular choice for commercial property owners.

Wind Resistance. The long flat surface of these roofs offers less wind resistance than steeper models. This means that you have less to worry about during a storm. Angled roofs are at risk for losing shingles during a weather event with high winds, but flat roofs have little to fear.

Space. If you need wide spaces on your roof to accommodate commercial HVAC and cooling equipment, flat roofing might be your best option. Installation of ventilation systems is much easier on a flat surface and you have plenty of room for even the bulkiest of units.

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