Single Ply Roofing

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Single ply roofs consist of single-layers of thermoplastic or PVC membranes. Installers apply single ply roofing in rows, then join the seams with chemical sealants or heat welding techniques to prevent leaks. Different colors of single ply roofing are available, with white, tan, black, and gray being the most common choices.

The membranes of the roof have developed to withstand different climates and extreme weather without temperature shock effects to the roof itself.

The application technique offers a fast track installation that creates a reduced site labor time and reduced cost. This rapid installation permits a quicker installation period overall, especially important with new construction. This lightweight system also allows for other types of building materials to be reduced at the conceptual stage. Single ply is also great for refurbished projects.

The seams of this roof are thermally welded with hot air rather than the traditional torch method. This makes for a safety installation experience.

A high-performance halogen-free fire retardant means a single-ply system carries a FAB fire rating.

The use of high quality polymers means the roof remains flexible for lessened damage due to hail, heavy rain or snow. This high performance roofing system eliminates the risk of any uplift from wind. Its finish also reduces solar gain.

This type of system contains no halogens or heavy metals. It also is one of the lowest product embodied energy values. The reflectivity of the system itself contributes to the conversation of energy.

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