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We Are Central™ to Green Roofing Technology!

Central Roofing Company™ offers total green roofing solutions and one of few commercial roofing companies in Minnesota with the qualifications and experience to install cutting edge environmentally beneficial technology on roofs.  As a leading green roof contractor, we’ve installed and maintained many green roofs in the Midwest. From start to finish—and beyond—our roof experts will ensure that your green roof is the healthiest it can be.

Installation of an environmentally sound roof on a commercial structure benefits the earth as well as the local community and occupants of the building.

What are the benefits of a green roof?

Green roofing can result in….

• Tax benefits
• Lower energy costs
• LEED points
• Longer roof life.

It is no wonder green roofs are surging in popularity. More and more companies are realizing the financial benefits of a green roof, as well as the positive image a green roof projects.

Vegetative Roofing or “Green Roofs” are composed of several layers including soil media and vegetation. These roofs are growing in popularity, especially as the concern with global warming has reached all levels of government and business. Many municipalities provide tax benefits for builders that construct or retrofit their buildings with vegetative roofs. These systems offer a variety of benefits:

Additional Benefits

– Green roofs reduce the amount of storm water discharged into municipal sewer systems, thus helping reduce the dangers of flooding.

– The vegetation that is an essential part of these systems helps absorb pollutants, including greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

– These roofs help reduce the “heat island” effect in urban areas, where the concentration of concrete and other heat-absorbing materials can increase the temperature by several degrees in relation to less built-up areas.

– Vegetative roofs provide increased insulation. Buildings on which these green roofs have been installed invariably experience lower heating and cooling costs.

– These roofs provide increased plant and animal habitat. In many places where such roofs are becoming popular, there has been a notable increase in bird populations.

– Green roofs often provide aesthetic benefits and serve as a major amenity for building occupants as these “roof gardens” gain in prevalence and popularity.



Why Choose Us?

When it comes to green roof technology, the experts at Central Roofing Company have the experience and contemporary knowledge of green roofs to take care of your needs in accord with the manufacturer’s conditions and legal requirements.

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