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Historical Roof Restoration

History Matters: About Our Historic Roof Restoration Services:

We at Central Roofing Company™ have a sense of history. It is one of the many things that set us apart from our competitors. We are well know for our expertise in historic roof restorations. We offer the technical experience, working knowledge and master craftsmen to perform such intricate and challenging workmanship.

We work closely with the building owner, general contractor and the architectural team to ensure all restoration objectives are achieved resulting in the roof being restored to the historical era in which it was original constructed.

Central Roofing Company™ has the experience

With over 86 years of tradition in the roofing industry, we have been around to witness and participate in the evolution of the Twin Cities Metro Area and we aim to be the best at restoring and caring for our oldest and most celebrated buildings.

Using all the tricks to our trade–from metal work to slate to integrated materials–we have put many of the treasured historical buildings back into their original, beautiful state.

We take pride in our history–those developed as a company and those architectural that we share with our community. If you need help with a historical restoration project please contact us at 763-572-0660.