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Based in Minnesota, Central Roofing Company™ provides commercial roof installation services to business owners in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area and throughout the Midwestern United States.

It does not matter the type of roofing material that you require or how challenging the project may be, our certified, skilled and experienced roofers have the knowledge needed to complete your roof installation project rapidly and within your budget. We adhere to the highest design and construction values when we perform our roof installation work and we work passionately to outdo your expectations.

Central Roofing Company was created out of the understanding of a need for an organization that could provide low-cost yet highly efficient roofing services. Every staff member of our company arrived at Central Roofing Company with exclusive craftsmanship talents and years of experience in the roofing or structure improvement industry. We have taken on multi-million dollar roofing projects for more than 80 years.

We recognize that your industrial structure is one of your most important assets. We also understand that your roof is often your first line of defense against Minnesota’s harsh weather. That is why we are careful during our installation process and do not employ any shortcuts. We take every measure to ensure your roof’s longevity and strength.

Central Roofing Company keeps every client included during the entirety of our installation process. When you work with us, you can expect that…

– We pay careful attention to your needs.
– We offer continuing reporting on the progress of your project.
– We ensure a safe and clean work environment.
– We offer continuing reporting on the progress of your project.
– We pay careful attention to your needs.
– We use only the highest quality equipment and supplies.

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