Cool Roof Installation

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Central Roofing Company™ offers cool roof installation for commercial structures in the Minneapolis area and throughout Minnesota.

Cool roofs – also known as ‘white‘ or reflective roofs – deliver high solar reflectivity and high thermal emittance. These roofs come in various colors and materials and are available for both commercial and residential buildings.

A lot has been said about the multidimensional benefits of replacing traditional dark roofs with cool roofs. However, almost every business owner should prefer to replace dark roofs with cool ones. The idea behind this style of roof is the fact that light colored are known to reflect heat while dark absorbs heat.

Cool roof installation results in several benefits for a structure. They include:

Saving on money and energy. Cool roofs make use of reflective technology and therefore they reflect heat rather than absorbing it. This helps many business owners to keep their structures cool during hot summer months and cut down on energy costs.

More comfort. Working in an area that lacks air conditioning such as a garage can be really challenging if dark roofs are used. cool roofs will keep these areas naturally cool hence increasing efficiency and comfort while working.

Less strain on your cooling unit. The air under a cool roof is obviously cooler than that of a building fitted with a traditional dark roof. Therefore, fitting a building with a cool roof ensures that the air conditioner works less, hence saving on energy.

Reduction in the urban heat-island effect. Unlike dark roofs, cool roofs do not absorb and transfer heat to other buildings. Instead, a cool roofing system deflects heat out of close neighborhoods and reduces the higher temperatures usually experienced in urban suburbs.

Keep moisture out and defer harmful solar rays. Because cool roofs are made of improved materials, the insulation below a roof will not be damaged by harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays. Cool roofs keep these elements out of a structure.

For those business owners who are looking for ways to lower energy costs and improve the value of their structures, it might be a good idea to consider cool roof installation to make their structures more energy efficient and more comfortable. For more information, contact Central Roofing Company.