Roof Hail Damage Repair

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One of the greatest threats to the integrity of your roof’s protective layer is damage from hailstones. These stones can create “bruises” on your roof when they come in contact with it, causing the granule layer to shed overtime. In most cases, surface hail will not cause a problem that requires immediate interference, but it will prematurely wear down the integrity of your roof. This will lead to potentially greater damage over time.

Hail can cause damage to your windows and skylights, such as broken glass or frames. Although it would seem that this kind of damage would be easy to spot, this is not always the case. Damage from hail may not be clear immediately. A good way to check is by keeping an eye out for condensation buildup between the windowpanes, which indicates air and moisture are able to enter the space.

Metal gutters and downspouts are also susceptible to damage from falling hail. The hail can damage the materials and strip them of their aesthetic quality or functionality. The paint on your building’s outer walls can become chipped and faded over time as a result of falling hailstones and other debris. This drastically reduces their lifespan and causes them to age at a much faster rate. If there is metal material that is protected by these layers, oxidation will start to occur once the material is exposed to oxygen, causing it to deteriorate even faster.

If you are considering replacing the shingles on your roof, a tile, slate, EPDM/rubber, or wood shake roof might be the way to go. These materials are much less susceptible to damage from hail, but nothing is guaranteed to provide protection against harsh weather and extremely large hailstones. Of course, if you believe that you have received roof hail damage, do not hesitate to contact Central Roofing Company™ online or by calling 763-572-0660.