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“When Central Roofing Company™ was completing the Minneapolis Convention Center roof in 2012, over 700 custom panels were fabricated in-house with the exact same design and in the same color as the existing panels. Our Department Head, Al Wagner, suggested new, more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective materials as the base of those panels and then used his expertise to carefully mold those materials so that the new panels on the three domes Central Roofing Company was contracted to reroof were a perfect match to the one dome which had been reroofed the previous year. It was masterful and a tremendous example of what makes our Sheet Metal Department incomparable.”

Jason Stock, CFO/Vice President


Metal roofing is a limitless craft. Most of the things we craft from sheet metal at Central Roofing Company are not solely used on rooftops. Because sheet metal is very affordable, durable, versatile and quick to install, it is often used on residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural buildings in various forms—sheet metal roofs (or “tin” roofs), sheet metal walls, screens, drains and guttering being just some examples. Metal is fire and spark resistant, hail and wind resistant. Sheet metal is generally maintenance free and it is environmentally friendly. An additional feature that is particularly advantageous in our Minnesota climate is that painted sheet metal is usually snow-shedding so ice dams and snow build-up can be avoided. All of these attributes make sheet metal a dynamic roofing and building material and we strive on making all of them work for you, your structure, and your budget.

Inside Central Roofing Company we house one of the more extensive in-house sheet metal shops held within a private company. In addition to our equipment and space capabilities, we also employ the very best craftsman in the trade. We are Central to custom creation and installation of sheet metal. We can make something that was old, look new. We can make objects from new materials to appear antique and one-of-a-kind. Creativity, form, function – all are as malleable and as specific to your project as the material itself.

When you are in need of quality sheet metal roofing services, do not hesitate to contact Central Roofing Company.

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