What You Need to Know About Sheet Metal Roofing

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Metal roofs are commonly thought to be an older style of roofing, or used for structures like barns and sheds. While this may continue to be true, they are being used more and more in the present day. This is for many reasons, but mainly because people are recognizing that sheet metal is lighter, more durable, and requires less maintenance than other roofing types.

Today, you can see metal roofing on several different types of homes. It can be installed on any structure, and is easily replaced. It takes less effort and less time to install as well, so your new roof can be ready to go sooner.

The two types of metal roofing that are most commonly used are aluminum and steel. They are both lightweight, and both can withstand the elements for a long time. They usually come in the form of tiles, which can be quickly and easily installed. Copper is another metal roofing type, which is popular for its aesthetic appeal, but costs more than the other options.

Aluminum weighs a half pound per square foot, while steel is at about 1.5 pounds. These low weights are one of the big advantages of using sheet metal roofing. Costs are lower than shingles, and they are much simpler to install, with less strain on the body. You can even install them overtop of already existing shingles without too much strain on the rafters, although you may have to reinforce them depending on your circumstance.

The best part about the ease of installation that comes with metal roofing is dealing with unpredictable weather. If you are in need of a new roof, and weather is bearing down on your area, you can install a new roof quicker, and lessen the time that your home is unprotected.

Sheet metal is fire retardant. It is made of materials that are non-combustible up to a class A fire, which is the level for which most insurance companies will give discounts. It is quite rare to have a fire above class A, so your structure will be well protected.

If you are in need of a new roof for any structure including your home, give sheet metal a try. There are many benefits that you may not have known about, and your new roof can be ready to go in no time.

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