Summer’s coming, and it is not only kids who are looking forward to it. It is a time to relax, soak up the sun, and spend late evenings enjoying the extended sunlight. Despite the enjoyable weather, there are still some concerns that come with summer. One of the major worries has to be your roof. Here are some summer threats that can damage your roof.


In the summer, your attic can get unimaginably hot, even hotter than the air outside. When the cooler nights come, the change in temperature can cause moisture buildup in the attic, which can damage the roof supports. You need to have proper ventilation to keep the moisture moving out of the house.


Summer is a time when all sorts of critters, like birds and rodents, come out of hiding and cause mischief. Raccoons have been known to try to dig under shingles to get inside, and woodpeckers can peck their way through as well trying to snatch any insects hanging out.


Speaking of insects, they also come out of hiding in the summertime. Termites can cause a lot of damage, as can Carpenter Ants. Plus, those aforementioned animals might come to your roof looking for tasty snacks.

The Sun

Sunlight’s UV rays can cause havoc on asphalt shingles. Too much exposure can wear down the shingles and cause deterioration. Keep an eye out for cracks and blisters, as they could be a sign of sun damage.


It is amazing how in the winter, trees can seem like they have retreated back and keep to themselves. Then, in the summer, they spread out, and can cause trouble for your roof. Long limbs coming into contact with your roof, aided by wind and rain, can scrape off shingles and cause major damage. Make sure to safely trim back branches that pose a threat.


It is not so much what you do that poses a threat to your roof, but what you do not do. If you do not keep an eye out for these signs of trouble, then your roof is in a danger and you might face a hefty repair bill. Do your best to protect your roof from these summertime threats.

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