When it comes to running a business, there are many benefits to installing metal roofing to your building. These roofs allow you to add lasting value to your business facility. While many roofs diminish in value as they age, metal roof provide nearly up to 50 years of performance. There are also many beautiful styles to match any exterior. They have interlocking panels which maximize wind resistance. They are also fire resistant. Metal roofs are also energy efficient by keeping businesses cooler. They also are low weight, which helps to preserve structural integrity and life.

Most of the things we create from sheet metal at Central Roofing Company are not just used on rooftops. Sheet metal is very affordable, versatile, easy to install and durable. Because of this, it is used in various forms for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings. It is relatively maintenance free and is environmentally friendly. It also works particularly great for the Minnesota climate because it is snow-shedding, which will prevent ice and snow build-up from building on your roof. All of these features make sheet metal a great roofing and building material for your business, your structure and most importantly, your budget.

Central Roofing Company has one of the most extensive in-house sheet metal shops in the Minneapolis area. We also have some of the best craftsmen in the trade who are all experienced, highly trained and licensed. We can create custom looks and install sheet metal roofs effortlessly. We can make something look new that was old or make objects even appear antique. Creativity is important to our technicians. When you’re in need of a metal roof for your business, contact the professionals at Central Roofing Company to discuss your project.

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