New York City is famous for many things. Farming is not one of them. Except for the Brooklyn Grange, that is. The Brooklyn Grange is a large urban rooftop farm that churns out more than 50,000 pounds of fresh produce every year.

The Brooklyn Grange provides its New York customers with locally grown fresh vegetables and herbs. The founders of this unique urban farming concept hauled tones of soil up to two NYC rooftops to start the garden in 2010. It took a whole six days to get all the soil up the rooftops to start the farm.

The Brooklyn Grange Farm is a social enterprise. Beyond just making money from selling fresh produce, its employees work tirelessly to promote the growing – and eating – of healthy homegrown food in New York’s communities. By making use of rooftops, the Farm debunked the myth that there is no room to grow food in the city.

Their growing beds are well prepared, neat and tidy. They grow everything from tomatoes to lettuce and spinach. Refusing to be satisfied with just fruits and veges, the company has now ventured into the egg market by keeping egg laying hens on the rooftop.

Brooklyn Grange aims to develop an urban farming system that makes business sense. Such a successful business model would improve the availability of healthy, locally grown food all year round.

An apiary is in the works too. Urban areas have ironically proven to be a healthier environment for bees because they are not suffocated by the agro chemicals which are so prevalent on rural farms. Urban areas are relatively pesticide free.

The Brooklyn Grange Farm never tires of preaching its gospel. 17,000 youths from New York City have been taken through their seminars and workshops. Hopefully they succeed in impacting New Yorkers celebration to appreciate real, quality, fresh food.


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