Just like any outer covering, such as human skin, the rooftop of a house will eventually begin to show signs of aging. Weatherization, time, wear and tear, and moisture can all take a toll on a roof over time. After 10-20 years, a roof that has not been properly cared for may start to fail. Below are a few warning signs of a failing roof that might even be on the verge of collapse.

If you have sagging ceiling areas – where there are signs of moisture, mold and material buckling downward – it is time to go outside and venture up top to see what is happening.

Check your chimney and look for signs of flashing. Your rafters can also tell you if there’s rooftop trouble, so check those as well.

Wet attic floorboards can also be a warning sign of a failing roof. If you venture up to your attic and look for wet places or places where the wood has darkened, this will tell you that the roof has sustained damage. Shift some items around and see if there are more hidden wet or dark spots on the attic floorboards. You can also check out the crawlspace for the same kinds of trouble spots. Once again, these signs should lead you to the rooftop so you can assess the damage and see what’s causing interior problems.

Once on the rooftop, look for missing shingles, buckling, and algae. See if some of your shingles are rotting. These are all things that you should be concerned about. What you see inside should somewhat mirror what is happening outside.

If you are not a roofing specialist, these problems should be turned over to a professional. Our roofing contractors will be happy to come out and look at the problems you’ve discovered, look for further indications that your roof is in trouble and give you an estimate for repairing or replacing the roof.

Do not stall too long. Roof damage does not have a tendency to get better, it only gets worse. If your rooftop is already vulnerable, make certain not to allow a storm or another weather situation catch you off guard.


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