Different styles of roofs – including gable, hipped, and flat roofs – have their own strengths. All of these types of roofs serve their own purpose in how they keep the warm air in the home, or how they keep the elements out. Choosing the best type of roof for your home will give you a higher likelihood of avoiding roof repairs due to harsh weather conditions.

The Force of the Wind. In areas of high wind, such as hurricane force winds, the shape of your roof can make all the difference between keeping your it attached to the house and losing it. If you have ever seen a video of a house during a hurricane, you will notice that the wind first pushed the roof up and away from the house. It separates the roof from the rest of the home, leaving it exposed. This is causing the homeowners a much bigger problem than just repairing their roof, but also repairing the inside of their home.

Being clever about the shape of your roof can help keep the extreme winds from being able to catch your roof and blow it off. A typical 2-slope gable roof is often times cheaper to build but it allows the wind to catch the roof and it is much more easily blown away. Building a 4-slope hip style roof has been found to lessen the load of the wind on the house. The hip style roof can stand up to high winds when a storm comes. Another thing to think about when designing your roof is to limit the length of the overhanging around it, keeping it to no more than 20 inches. These overhangs tend to allow the wind to catch the roof, making them more vulnerable to blowing off. Following some simple rules of aero-dynamics can save you from needing your roof repaired.

The Flow of the Rain. As it turns out, a hipped-style roof is also the best choice when it comes to dealing with heavy rains. Due to the roof having four sides, there is nowhere for the rain to stay sitting on the roof, allowing it to continually flow to the ground. Also, the four slopes will provide some overhang on each side of the home, protecting the siding from getting pelted with the rain as well.

The style of roof on your home can make all the difference when it comes to its ability to stand up to a storm. Protecting your home from high winds by maximizing the style of roof you have will also protect your home’s interior from potential water damage. Being confident in your home’s construction will give you peace of mind that you have done the very best and will limit the roof repairs.

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