Many people have chosen to use metal roofing for their homes and other structures. It is popularity has waned over the years because of how loud they can be when it is raining, but there are many reasons why a metal roof is a great option.

For one, they can last an entire lifetime. Metal roofs usually come with 50 year warranties, but they stay strong for up to 100 years in many cases. This means that over the long haul, metal roofs are much more cost effective than asphalt shingles.

Most metal roofs are manufactured using a lot of recycled material, making it better for the environment. Not only that, but your roof will in turn be completely recyclable when it is life is over. Metal roofs are cooler than asphalt shingles, because it reflects heat as opposed to absorbing it. This can lead to a 15 percent decrease in the cost of energy in the summer. In the winter, metal roofs can provide energy savings by creating an air pocket between the metal and the plywood underneath. Metal roofing is lighter than shingles, and can be simply placed overtop of the current roof, meaning that there’s no need for a tear down.

When installing metal roofing, a coating needs to be placed on it to help prevent leaks, rust, and to help reflect heat. One type of coating is ceramic. This is used to help with the reflection of heat. Usually they are made by mixing in ceramic beads to normal, everyday paint.

If the roof is made of copper, then a clear coating is used to take advantage of the features of the copper. They can have a rich color, and these coatings will help protect from water and moisture while retaining that color. Oils are used, such as paraffin and lemon oils. It is important to re-apply these oils every three years or so. If your climate is dry, then you could probably get away with five years.

You can use non see-through coating on copper, but it has to contrast with the natural color of the metal. You can use lead-coated coatings to help prevent stains from runoff.

Metal roofing has its benefits, but make sure to use the right coating to improve its performance.

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