Not many roofs are completely resistant to winter storm damage. The Minnesota’s frequent snow storms, subzero temperatures and cold windy nights can compromise your roof’s structural integrity. It is therefore extremely important to know when to call a roofing contractor during winter.

Winter’s extreme weather conditions pose a threat to your roof. Recognizing the primary causes of winter storm roof damage can help you know when to call a winter storm roofing contractor.

Winter threats to your roof

Ice dams

Ice dams are formed when melting snow on your roof refreezes while in the gutter system before draining. This results in a buildup ‘dam’ that blocks melting snow from draining. This results in the snow seeping through roof decks, causing damage and mold growth.

Heavy snow load

Although roofs are built to withstand snow, sometimes the accumulation might be beyond what the roof can withstand. Remove the snow once its weight surpasses 20 pounds per square foot of roof space or piles up to 20 inches.

High winds

Strong winds can damage your roof by blowing off your shingles and roof flashing. This will in turn expose your decking leaving it vulnerable to ice and snow. Whenever there is wind combined with never ending precipitation, it is advisable to call roofer.

Falling trees and branches

Tree branches can barely withstand unrelenting winds, ice, rain or snow. If tree branches begin falling on your roof, contact a contractor as soon as possible. These falling trees and branches can severely damage your roof and compromise its structural integrity.

How to prevent winter storm damage

Ensure your attic has adequate ventilation

Adequate ventilation will make the attic cool, limiting ice dam formation.

Track weather forecasts

If the weather forecast predicts heavy and wet snow, it is important to contact a professional snow removal company to remove accumulated snow after the storm to relieve the strain on your roof.

Eliminate threats to your roof

Eliminate threats to your roof by trimming your trees, removing old branches and removing dead trees from around your home.

Signs that you should call a roofing contractor

  • Persistent ice damming
  • Roof begins to sag due to weight of snow
  • Doors and windows become harder to open
  • Missing shingles or roof flashing
  • Falling tree branches and trees

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