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Founded in 1929, Central Roofing Company™ is a certified Woman-Owned corporation operated in two locations: Minneapolis, St. Paul and Rochester, Minnesota. We are approved in a WBE, MBE, DBE, TGT/ED mentor-protégé agreement with Emerge Construction & Building Supply. Central Roofing Company™ is a GSA Contract Holder for GSA Schedule 56 Building and Building Materials & Supplies. Our SAM Registration (formerly CCR & OCRA) is complete and current. Our Minnesota License number is CR639253. We are also licensed in Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, and North Dakota with other state licensures pending. Our facilities include an in-house Sheet Metal Department with custom metal shop, Waterproofing Department, 24/7 Service Department, and Commercial Production Department.

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Since 1929, we are Always on Top®!

85 years of excellence in our industry. Here is a sample of the amazing clients we’ve the privilege to work with:

What Kind of Coating Is Used for Metal Roofs?

Many people have chosen to use metal roofing for their homes and other structures. It is popularity has waned over the years because of how loud they can be when it is raining, but there are many reasons why a metal roof is a great option. For one, they can last an entire lifetime. Metal roofs usually come with 50 year warranties, but they stay strong for up to 100 years in many cases. This me
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Can Fallen Leaves Damage Your Roof?

There are many things that we consider when we think about what might cause damage to a roof. Weather and wind, rain, snow, and debris are probably the most common ones. What might surprise you is that something as benign as fallen leaves can damage your roof and cause you major headaches. It may not seem possible, but when a lot of leaves land on your roof, then you are in for big trouble if they
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Roofing Lamination vs. Saturation

When it comes to roofing, along with any structure project, there can be a lot of jargon to cut through to understand everything you need about a project. Even if you’re not doing the installation yourself, it is important to familiarize with terms and techniques, so you know what the professionals are doing, and why they are doing it. One of the common bits of confusion in the roofing world is
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