5 Primary Causes of Roof Damage

When it comes to maintaining a healthy building infrastructure, it is safe to say that the roof is one of the most important elements. Defective roofs can generate significant and often unforeseen expenses to building owners, along with a great deal of other problems if left unchecked.

There are a number of elements that can weaken a roof. It is a good idea to inspect your roof on a regular basis and take care of minor issues before they become major repairs. Below are five major causes of roof damage that all building owners should note.

Poor maintenance. Inspecting your roof regularly is very important. In fact, for most building owners, this can be lifesaving, as regular inspection of your roof for small leaks and minor damages has been known to prevent major repairs in the long-haul. If your roof has little or no slope, regular inspection helps prevent major leaks from occurring.

Ice damage. Did you know that snow and ice can spawn loads of trouble for a roof’s lifespan? As ice and snow thaw upon your rooftop’s surface, small particles of water can settle under the shingles. As the water refreezes, it can lift the shingles and flashing, making way for even greater water damage to arise. This process is known to create roof corrosion and deterioration. If you live in an area that experiences freezing in the winter, it is a great idea to check your roof every spring.

Wind damage. Known to weaken the shingles, nails, and other roofing materials currently holding your roof together, moderate gusts of daily wind often have the power to threaten your roof’s stability. 90 percent of high wind and hail damages claims result in some form of expense for building owners. Regular inspections on this type of roof damage are highly critical to prevent further damage from occurring.

Other weather conditions. Known to be both nurturing and often destructive, Mother Nature can cause a plethora of issues when it comes to roofing. UV radiation from sunlight can gradually contribute to roof deterioration, especially when it comes to asphalt shingles. Once this occurs little can be done to protect the interior sheathing and thus the roof is further exposed to the raw elements.

Improper installation. Roof replacements, installations, and repairs should be completed by an experienced roofing contractor. Not only can proper installation bring leverage and security, but it can also aid in property value.

Like many aspects of structure improvement, roof stability is of high significance. To ensure your roof has the upmost vitality year around, contact a professional roofing contractor as soon as possible.

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