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Celebrating nine decades of mission-driven industry leadership.

There is not a lot about roofing that is the same as it was when we were founded in 1929.  How we plan, how we prepare, safety, application, quality, maintenance, even the function of the roof itself has changed in through the years. Now roofs serve to protect and conserve resources. Roofs serve as gathering and recreation spaces. Roofs serve to provide architectural interest. After over 90 years, Central Roofing Company has done more than evolve with the times, we have set the trends. There is no match for our mission to continue inspiring our industry to greater heights.

Our mantra: “Always on Top”

What it means to us: Unpacked, “Always on Top” is a concept representative of our culture and collective mission. We will remain in front of our industry; above the competition. We will always find a way to do what others don’t try. As leaders, we go up first, set the pace, and secure the front-line, then look to new horizons and move forward again. As mentors, we inspire and teach so more will learn and lead. As people, we are inclusive; we care for our own and others. We are Central.

Our cornerstone beliefs

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Every day on the job is an opportunity for new heights.

Central Roofing Company is the premier roofing company in Minnesota. Motivation to out-perform ourselves year after year, to remain on top the industry, is a challenge we take to heart and hand with every project from bid to maintenance.  In fact, before a crew steps on site, our team, comprised of countless years of professional training and expertise — roofing and building exterior experts in quality control, safety management, architectural drafting, estimating, and project management — plans and prepares.  We use the latest technology and hard-earned skill to ensure a positive outcome in product and client service, then communicate, check and recheck from pre-production to warranty.

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Our employees are the reason we are in business.

Without the men and women in the field and behind our projects, there wouldn’t be a Central Roofing Company.  Period. Our expectation is 100% commitment to excellence in everything, all the time. Not an easy job to fill literally or figuratively; we know that and we honor our employees for it with an equal commitment to safety, fair pay and benefits, family and a positive work culture.

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Safety is paramount.

At Central Roofing Company, nothing surpasses employee and public safety as a workplace concern.  Therefore, safety management is woven into our daily practice and many hands participate in upholding our standards.  As our projects increasingly become more visionary and technically difficult, our commitment to employee, client and property security grows in stride.

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When blessed, be a blessing.

Through a variety of measures, most notably our employee-driven Scrappin’ for Kids sheet metal recycling and charitable giving project, we donate over $250,000 a year to benefit causes near and dear to our extended Central family.  As we grow, so does our drive to give back to our community by contributing time and resources to initiatives for children, military veterans and their families, the homeless, and the underserved.

As you climb the ladder, reach down and bring someone else with you.

Leading the industry in innovation

and service since 1929.

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