CEO Gerry Stock is a Finalist in “Industry Leadership” in Inaugural Top Women in Construction Awards

September 23, 2020


Central Roofing Company’s Chief Executive Officer and President, Gerry Stock, recently celebrated her nomination in the Industry Leadership category in the Top Women in Construction awards.  Gerry is one of six women, each at the top of her industry and all related to construction, selected to participate in this category of the inaugural awards, hosted virtually by Finance & Commerce.  Joel Schettler, an editor of the online and print magazine based in Minnesota, said, “Today, more than 1.1 million women work in construction across the country. While they may make up only 10 percent of the construction industry workforce, their achievements should not go unrecognized. Whether it’s at the actual job site, or in an office behind the scenes, women are making a large impact on what has been a very male-centric field.”  Gerry is known for one of her core leadership values: “When you read the top of the ladder, become the ladder.”  In many ways, particularly through her leadership of Central Roofing Company, she lives that mantra.  Her daughter and colleague at Central Roofing Company, Jessica Tesdall, said to her mother, “Gerry not only broke through the glass ceiling, she’s standing on the rooftop!”

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