Green Roofing Solutions for Businesses in the Twin Cities

The power of “going green” in today’s world is a strong one. Over the years as the green movement has continued to progress, business owners have seen their company’s image improve, as well as receive tax breaks. It has turned out to be more of a win-win situation than many people had thought. When it comes to creating a “green” roof, also known as a vegetative roof, there are several benefits that can make life better for your business and the community at large.

Tax Benefits

If there are no other benefits that motivate you to consider green roofing, this one might. The federal government allots an amount per square-foot of green roof space as a credit for businesses who are taking the initiative to help with the cause of global warming. This makes for a nice reward for doing something that can help the community as a whole.

LEED Points

You might be asking, “What are LEED points and why do I want them?” LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a points system that was created by the United States Green Building Council. It’s a rating system to gauge a company’s efforts towards sustainability. The more sustainable your building, the more points you get. Being recognized for green practices in any industry is all a part of helping the greater good and it can give you a cutting edge on your competition. When others see that your business is making strides towards being environmentally friendly, they will see a business that cares about more than just themselves. So being nationally recognized with the LEED system is proof that you are in fact making efforts to increase your sustainability.

Longer Roof Life

Generally, a commercial roof needs to be replaced every fifteen to twenty years. This is due to the extreme weather conditions from the summer heat and the freezing cold that it endures from the environment. The heat and the cold cause the membrane of the roof to expand and contract with the temperature changes. This is what ages the quality of your roof. The perk of having a green roof is that the membrane of the roof doesn’t have the influence of the extreme temperatures because plant cover protects it. The temperature of the roof is much more predictable, only varying by a ten degree difference throughout the year.

Since green roofs are a newer development, there hasn’t been enough time to see a maxed out green roof. The oldest green roof is in Germany and is holding strong at forty years of age. There is also one in Portland Oregon that has been protecting it’s building since the mid-1970s. So far, there is proof that these roofs will last well past the standard fifteen to twenty year lifespan.

When considering replacing your building’s roof, think about the future and the benefits of switching from a conventional roof to a more sustainable roofing option. Long roofing life, LEED recognition and tax benefits are some of the reasons that can sway your decision. You just can’t go wrong.

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