Disaster Response Program For Minnesota Businesses’ Roofs

When a disaster strikes your home or business in the Greater Minneapolis area, you want to know that there are certified professionals available to address your immediate needs, no matter the hour or day. Central Roofing Company provides disaster response services to commercial and residential customers throughout the Twin Cities area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Disaster Response Solutions offered by Central Roofing Company are among the most stringent and up to date within the industry. We take great pride in maintaining consistent training and certifications that assure that our clients have the most reliable and effective disaster response mechanisms and professionals at their call. As established disaster recovery experts, we have established strong business relationships with suppliers throughout Minnesota, promising that we can rapidly access supplies that might be needed in the event of a disaster.

Central Roofing Company possesses the expertise and experience necessary to restore your building no matter the type of disaster that has occurred, from flooding, wind damage, hail damage, snow storms, or fires. When disaster strikes, you need an immediate response in order to mitigate the damage and protect the structural integrity of your building. That’s why we offer the most sophisticated Disaster Response program available within the disaster response industry. In the case of a major emergency, either natural or man-made, Central Roofing Company has a host of experienced teams and other support staff that are absolutely critical to getting our customers back in business as quickly and safely as possible.

Roofing Disaster Response Program:

When a roof gets damaged in a disaster, response time is crucial to attaining the best outcome. By providing a full spectrum of turnkey roofing disaster response services throughout the Twin Cities, we are able to restore your business operations quickly, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, ultimately reducing business interruption and overall claim costs.

How Does Our Disaster Response Program Work?

If you find yourself in need of our disaster response services, simply call our Customer Service Center, where our staff will then communicate among our team which facilities need immediate response and then dispatch crews to arrive as soon as possible.

Facilities are then professionally inspected and repairs are completed following the standards of the NTE. Additional repairs needed are quoted.

Comprehensive photo documentation reporting is completed, which includes before and after verification.

How get started:

Call Central Roofing Company at 763-572-0660 before disaster strikes so you will be prepared with a Disaster Response plan, as well as a team of experts at the ready.

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