How the Right Roofing Can Conserve Energy

There are so many reasons to live in a sustainable way. For one, it’s better for the environment and the world around us. Also, it’s better for your pocket book. The better you are at energy conservation, the less you pay in utilities and other costs. Here are some ways to help make your roof more sustainable and energy efficient.

Sealing Air and Moisture

One of the most basic functions of a roof is to keep the outside out. That said, it’s also vital to have some barriers to prevent air and moisture from getting into the roofing apparatus. If they do get through, while it may not cause leaks into the home, it may cause a change in temperature, which means more energy spent heating or cooling. These air and moisture leaks happen mostly through openings and edges, so it’s important to have those spots sealed tight.

Flow of Heat

Heat flow can travel to the roof from the inside or from the outside, depending on the climate and the time of year. The roofing system should have an appropriate amount of insulation to prevent heat flow to keep things as energy efficient as possible. This is doubly important in large buildings where the roof might have more surface area than the walls.

Reflecting Solar Energy

The color black attracts heat, so a dark roof will take the heat from the sun and push it right into the building. This means that the building’s cooling system will have to work that much harder to maintain temperature. Using a roofing membrane that reflects sunlight is a good way to prevent this from happening, and most roofing products will have a rating for how good they are at reflecting sunlight.

Solar Panels

An even better option would be to have solar panels on your roof. That way, instead of reflecting the sunlight, your roof will collect that energy for use in your home without affecting the local grid. In many jurisdictions, leftover energy can then be sold back to the grid as well.

As you can see, a roof can play a major part in sustainable construction. When designing, repairing, or replacing any roof, be sure to take into consideration how you can conserve energy and lessen the environmental impact.

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