Metal Commercial Roof Replacement in the Twin Cities

If it is installed properly, metal roofing can provide an amazingly durable roofing option that goes beyond what traditional roofing methods can offer. Many people are coming to this realization, and metal roofing is as popular as ever. They do tend to cost more, but can in some cases provide up to forty years of life, which can be as much as twenty-five years more than other roofing systems. Deciding whether metal roofing works for a project, and what type of roofing would be best, many factors have to be weighed and considered. Here are some tips.

Metal Type

Zinc, steel, aluminum, and copper are the main options with metal roofing. They all have their benefits. Steel and aluminum require special coating to provide the best protection. Copper is aesthetically pleasing and provides durability. Zinc is low-gloss, and resists corrosion. You must also factor in the thickness of the metal. It can vary between 3 to 30 gauge. The lower the gauge, the higher the thickness. That means that a low gauge generally means better durability, but it will cost more, sometimes up to $3500 a square foot. It can also be more difficult to work with since it is not as flexible.


Metal roofing can be produced in sheets, either horizontal or vertical, and in panels. There are various connection methods to use for shingles that provide different benefits and drawbacks. These can include standing seam, batten seam metal, and through-fastened panels. Standing seams connect adjacent panels in a single or double fold. Through-fastened panels have washers and fasteners to connect them, and batten seam uses wood strips that are interlocked along with a metal cap to connect panels.

Insulation and Underlayments

There are a few underlayment options as well, including asphalt-saturated felt, self-adhering membranes, and synthetic sheets. You may need a slip sheet for between the roof and the underlayment to prevent them from sticking in hot temperatures.

Metal roofing should be a viable option when it comes to your project since it can provide so much versatility and durability. Be sure to consider all the factors to determine which type is right for your project.


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