Commerical Roof Maintenance 101: What Minnesota Needs to Know

There can be a 100-degree difference between the low temps outside and the average room temperature indoors — and in multi-tenant buildings, the unit to unit fluctuations can also be significant. Annndd, because it’s Minnesota, one day it might be subzero outside and the next is sunny and 36 degrees (the official standard of a “heatwave” on a January day in our state).  Condensation is a daily occurrence inside buildings.  Condensation — water that builds up when warm air mixes with cold — can be a big problem.  Here are a few things to know:


Frost compiles when thawing and refreezing occur over and over. Consider this, the space between the ceiling about you and the roof is typically pretty expansive.  There is a lot of space up there to accommodate layers of insulation, mechanicals, electrical, and perhaps storage or attic space. When warm air and humidity from the inside travels through the ceiling due to gaps or cracks it can get trapped by all of that stuff above you.  Likewise, gaps, cracks, or punctures in the roof let in cold air from the outside.   The result is humidity, and humidity’s cousin condensation, i.e., WATER, trapped between a minimum of two barriers without the appropriate ventilation.  That water will freeze in to frost or ice and thaw (often in the insulation itself) and freeze and thaw throughout the winter season.


Eventually, you’ll start to see stains on your ceiling.  Leave it long enough and you may have a drip.  As time and the elements continue to do their work on your building, the water infiltration will do its damage to the interiors.  Gaps, cracks, or roof punctures get bigger as buildings naturally shift, expand and contract with the elements.  Insulation that has been dampened over and over becomes less effective.  Service and Maintenance will become necessary.


Central Roofing Company’s 24/7 Service Department is ready to work but you don’t have to wait until the situation is dire.  We react to service calls every day.  With the largest team of trained commercial roofing professionals in Minnesota, we are Central to leak investigation and repair….but you don’t have to wait until the water is coming inside from above.  Preventative Maintenance saves companies thousands of dollars in repairs, time, and concern when performed routinely.  Our Service Technicians walk your entire building inspecting the entirety of the roof and attic spaces for potential issues and fixing them so the winter weather and condensation don’t impact your business or multi-tenant building.

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