Project Profile: Xcel Energy Center

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Project Profile: Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, Minnesota

Central Roofing Company completes a multi-year roof replacement on Xcel Energy Center in 2020.

The final phase of the roof replacement on St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center is scheduled to conclude in summer 2020.  Central Roofing Company was hired in 2016 to complete the entire expanse of the roof over the Xcel Energy Center campus which includes RiverCentre and the Roy Wilkins Auditorium.  Henri Germain, project manager, oversaw the work and Mark Michaels, production foreman, and his crew have been stationed on the project exclusively throughout its tenure, as is Central Roofing Company’s preferred practice with commercial roofing jobs of this scale and complexity.  “Single points of contact make easy work for facilities managers like Mark Stoffel at Xcel Energy Center.  He doesn’t have to search for answers.  Relationships and efficiencies are developed when one foreman takes the lead throughout a project.  Quality control and safety are increased greatly with single-source oversight and personnel who work on a project from day one to completion,” said Germain.

The project is located at 175 W. Kellogg Boulevard in St. Paul, Minnesota.  It is a multi-use entertainment and convention space with a tiered roof.  The large 630 square white barrel roof is one of the hallmarks of the main structure and one of its most recognizable features.  It is roofed with Johns Manville 60 mil Fully Adhered PVC; roof anchors and lifelines were installed, as was lightning rods and snow rails.  New pre-finished galvanized iron was fabricated inside Central Roofing Company’s sheet metal shop and installed at the roof perimeter.

To date, three of the four phases of the project have been completed (2016, 2017, 2018-2019).  “Projects of this scale are often planned over years to optimize resources for both the client and Central Roofing Company,” said Mike Mehring, Vice President of Commercial Sales for Central Roofing.  “We have the ability to purchase materials, plan labor and schedule around the needs of large projects; all benefits that result in cost-savings for clients — a benefit added to their ability to budget for capital improvements.”

“I will look forward to the opportunity to assist with Preventative Maintenance on Xcel Energy Center after the final phase is completed this year,” said Michaels.  A sentiment shared by many within the Central Roofing Company Production Department as roof replacement concludes and preventative maintenance becomes the focus when our Service Department takes oversight of the structure.  Central Roofing Company’s collaborative organization assures a successful final product and transition to future maintenance.

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