The Most Frequently Requested Roof Repairs

Roof damage often occurs without warning. Leaks are among the most common reason for roof repairs. Although dripping water makes leaks easy to spot, they are not always easy to repair. Most leaks result from damaged or missing material in the roof, including warps, blisters, and cracks. Leaks that occur without visible surface signs may indicate large-scale deterioration or internal damage to the roof. If that is the case, it is recommended that a professional roofing contractor inspect it. Below we have put together a list of additional roof repairs building owners frequently experience.

Common Roof Repairs

Folding Shingles

Hot temperatures can make your shingles bend and fold up. Shingles, however, are limber enough to be bent back into place in hot weather. Tack or weigh them down once you have bent them back into place.

Missing Material

Missing roof material leaves gaps behind. You can fill these gaps with cement and press a new piece of roof to the surface of the cement. The adhesive you use to keep it in place can vary. You can also use material such as tar to fill in gaps from missing material.

Cold Shingles

Shingles can also curl in cold weather. In order to bend them back into place, you need to apply heat first. The warm temperature will make the material flexible enough to flatten. Not enough warmth, however, will cause the shingle to snap. That is why it is important that you apply enough heat. Use a propane torch to heat all sides evenly, but keep the flame far enough so that you do not cause a fire. Once heated, replace the shingle on the roof and tack it down firmly.

Damaged Material

Removing damaged roofing material is a delicate process. Start by gently lifting the edges. Then lift nails that are holding the shingle in place. Slide out the damaged material and scrape off any remaining cement, then put a new piece in place.

Roof repairs can be tricky, and they are almost always a hassle. If you require roof repair services or you simply have questions regarding your roof, do not hesitate to contact Central Roofing company online or by calling 763-572-0660.

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