The last thing you want is the for the roof of your commercial building to fail. That is why regular maintenance and repair are so important. They ensure that the building and its occupants are always protected from the elements. Here are some signs and symptoms that you might have a roof problem to be fixed.

How to Spot a Commercial Roof Problem

You cannot fix an issue if you don’t know that it exists. That is why inspections are important. You may find that you can see signs of a failing roof inside your building. You might find moisture dripping in certain areas, or damaged ceiling tiles. There could also be strange smells or unexplained mold that show that moisture is getting into the building. You can also hire a contractor who can examine your building and the exterior to check for trouble.

Clues You May Have Issues Down the Road

If water tends to pool on the roof, then it can wear down the roof cover over time, which can lead to leaks. If those leaks go undetected, then they can develop into major problems as they rust roof decks or rot wood decks. If there are bubbles in the cover, then that is also a sign of a leak somewhere. Gaps in the roof flashing are also dangerous, as water can seep in and also affect the seams and joints that the flashing was meant to protect.

Regular Maintenance and Care

It is always better to fix small problems before they become big ones. Regular inspections and regular maintenance and repair will prolong the life of the roof, and prevent you from having to pay major dollars to repair issues that could have been avoided. Contact a roofing professional to talk about an inspection and maintenance plan that will work for your roof.

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