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Why You Should Enroll in a Roof Maintenance Program

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Why You Should Enroll in a Roof Maintenance Program

As a property owner or manager, spending your money wisely and adequately facilitating your assets is imperative for the state of your building. Economic pressures can cause strife on how to undergo these operations, so it is necessary to evaluate where funds should be allocated.

But one of the most essential upkeeps for a building is roof maintenance, because it is strictly about preventative maintenance.

So why do roofs need to be appropriately maintained? Roofs need proper maintenance to avoid any potential failure from occurring. Over times, roofs are susceptible to wind and water damage, and if they aren’t correctly managed, they can lead to water leaks and possible premature roof failure.

Quick, short-term fixes should not be taken when dealing with roof maintenance because it will likely lead to a more disastrous problem occurring. Here are some facts regarding roof failures and the fees that come along with replacing them:

-On average, over $120,000 is spent on a building’s roof.

-Over 80% of all roofs will be returned due to premature failure

-The average cost of installing or replacing a new roof for a commercial building is over $40,000

-Yearly maintenance only costs between 1-3% of the price of a new roof

-Doing  regular upkeep will save thousands of dollars in comparison to replacing a roof

-Roof leaks can take days, weeks, or even months before anyone notices. The cost of water damage is a whole other ballpark, but can be avoided with proper roof care

-Regular maintenance can double the lifespan of a building’s roof, giving it an average life os 30 years vs. 15-20 years.

Neglecting a problematic roof is always a bad idea, because typically the situation escalates into a maintenance nightmare, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements.

The number one priority of a property manager or owner is the safety of your building, and that starts with the roof. This is why it is so important to take a preventative measure, and the solution is to enroll in a roof maintenance program.

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