Your Roof’s Financial Impact on Your Business

Businesses are always searching for ways to reduce costs and improve the bottom line. One of the lesser known ways to achieve this is through roofing. The roof used impacts both the value of the property and the energy bill. By using the right roofing solution and other energy saving measures, a business can enjoy cost savings and improve the productivity on the premises. Below are some unexpected ways that your roof impacts the bottom line of your business.

Increased property value

Proper roof maintenance is one of the best and cost-effective ways to increase the value of a home or business premise. For those in the real estate business, roofing has been shown to have a return on investment of around 65%. Since it can be done over time, it is a cost-effective way to increase property value with time. Business can also enjoy tax breaks for large investments on roofing solutions.

Reduced costs

The roofs used by a business affects costs in two major ways. The first is through energy and utility bills. Roofs and windows are the two major sources of inefficiencies in regards to the cooling and heating of a premises. Using the appropriate roofing technology increases energy efficiency in a building. This ultimately reduces heating and cooling costs and improves the business’ bottom line.

The second way roofing affects costs is in regards to maintenance. Durable and resilient roofing solutions require less maintenance and less frequent replacement. This costs can be huge especially when large areas of roofing require replacing or maintenance. By selecting high quality products, a business can enjoy better ROI even if it costs more initially.

Increased employee productivity

The roofing solution used affects the environment in which a business’ employees work. Roofs influence the temperature and noise levels in a premise. Selecting the right solution ensures the environment is optimal for enhanced employee productivity when combined with other solutions like HVAC systems and interior design. This directly impacts the bottom line for the better.


The exterior of a business premises is one of the first factors a new customer bases their view and image of the business on. Roofs used business premises should therefore be appealing as the roof plays a big role in determining a building’s exterior look. They help in giving a business a professional image. The savvy businessman can even use it for branding and identity e.g. painting it in company colors or a custom logo.

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