March 30, 2023 | Minneapolis, Minnesota | Central Roofing Company

Even through “Spring has (technically) sprung” this weekend’s winter weather is going to pose issues for some Minnesota businesses’ roofs – especially the flat roofs common on commercial buildings.  Intensive bursts of rain and wind following my heavy snow, then a quick melt on Sunday is expected.  Although there are different kinds of roofing systems common to flat roofs, leaks are common to all of them in events when rapidly changing weather patterns collide with a lack of routine roof maintenance and/or deteriorating conditions.  Central Roofing Company’s 24/7 Service Department’s Vice President, Corey Sias explains, “One of the main problems with snow melting or excessive rain on a flat roof is that it can cause the water to pool and seep into the building. The water can also freeze, which will lead to even more damage. If there are any leaks in your roof, the melting snow will only exacerbate the issue. In addition, if the snow melts too quickly, it can overload the drainage system and cause water to back up. This can damage ceilings, walls, and other parts of the building.”

In the event of roof leaks into your commercial building, call Central Roofing Company at 763-572-0660 or email Corey’s team at  Emergency Service Teams are on call around the clock and on weekends to assess and temporarily patch leaks that may be compromising the integrity of some aspect of your business or operations.  After a leak event, there are a few spring flat roof repairs Central Roofing Company can provide to prevent new issues. First, make sure that your roof is properly drained. We can provide roof drainage services.  You should also install ice melt or grinding systems, which will help to melt the snow and prevent it from building up. If water from the roof is infiltrating the building at the point of patio areas or lower levels, you can install gutters and downspouts to divert the water away from the flat areas of the building. Lastly, many Central Roofing Company customers prefer the ease and effectiveness of routine preventive maintenance inspections. Scheduled at convenient times for clients, these inspections catch and resolve potential problems before the weather and water lands.  An additional bonus? Preventive Maintenance customers receive priority response times on emergency calls.

If your business has a flat roof, it’s important to be aware of the potential problems that can arise when the snow starts to melt each spring. By taking steps to prevent the water from pooling and seeping into the building, you can avoid costly damage. If you do experience water damage as a result of melting snow or rain, it’s important to take action right away. This can help minimize the damage and avoid further problems. Contact a Central Roofing Company to assess the damage and get started on repairs.

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