Central Roofing Company was founded at the beginning on the Great Depression as a one-man shop based from his garage. After over 90 years in business, we have grown and developed far beyond that space to be what we are today: the premier commercial roofing and architectural sheet metal company based in Minnesota, with service to the entire Midwest region and across the country.

To continue our growth but remain true to our roots, we strive to:

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Hire the best, most experienced people and treat them like they are Central Roofing Company’s most valuable assets—because they are. Maintain a fleet posed to respond to project opportunities of every scale and potential challenge.

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Put the safety of our employees, clients and the public at the forefront of our project planning. Create opportunities for on-going, hands-on safety training and actively engage employees in daily practice.

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Provide clients with comprehensive options that match their business’ needs. Product longevity, use, and quality assurance are factors to consider when planning. Exceptional project management and quick response is Central.

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Support community-based projects, organizations or causes that provide meaningful help, connections or education to people in need of health or vocational advocacy. Give time and resources to programs and organizations working towards positive life changes and empathy for all.