Minnesota Zoo

Minnesota Zoo

Apple Valley, Minnesota

Original work:  New Construction, installation and waterproofing of the footings for the monorail system

Recent work: Reroofing over the indoor Tropics exhibit, installation of the solar panels.

Central Roofing Company™ completed this Apple Valley, MN roofing project at the famous Minnesota Zoo.

Central Roofing Company™ has worked at the Minnesota Zoo twice. The first time was for the installation of the monorail enclosure and waterproofing of the monorail system footings throughout the Zoo.

During the first phase of the project, we provided roofing work in the area above the section of the zoo that featured tropical animals. This was certainly a new experience for us. When were working over the monkey habitat, our crews needed to access roof hatches that were within the habitat. To do so, we needed to get clearance from zookeepers prior to opening the hatches so the monkeys would not escape! That is certainly not a situation that we experience during our other roofing projects. Needless to say, it made this particular project that much more interesting.

During the second phase of the project, we installed solar paneling systems on all of the rooftops throughout the zoo. This project will end up saving the zoo an abundant amount of money in the long run because the facility will be much more independent in regards to their energy needs.

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