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An increasing number of business owners in Minnesota are installing metal roofs. This is because metal has distinct advantages over other roofing products. They are very durable. Expect them to last for more than 50 years. They are energy efficient, fire resistant and beautiful, with many different styles to choose from.

While metal roofs require little maintenance and last for generations, they can become damaged when a destructive incident – such as an exceptionally powerful storm – takes place. When that happens, it is important to contact a trusted metal roof repair company that has the experience to make customized flashing, gutters, trim, downspouts as well as panels on site.

Rooftop technicians prefer metal roofs as they provide a good anchor for setting and mounting rooftop equipment. Unfortunately, the metal can get perforated as the technicians install the equipment, and this means you may have to get a professional metal roof repairer before the rains come.

It is therefore important for installers to use penetration-free units when possible to avoid such scenarios. Since adhesives aren’t ideal for attaching units to metal roofs, attachment clamps should be used together with mounting equipment because they are non-corrosive. Round-point screws are then used to secure clamps so that the metal doesn’t get damaged thus preventing corrosion.

Sometimes penetrations are unavoidable, such as when plumbing vents and pipes need to pass through the roof. Around these items, it is advisable to:

• Use rubber EPDM flashing to seal off the hole
• Ensure that the flashing is anchored on the metal panel
• To avoid doing penetrations in the joins where panels meet
• Use butyl copolymer tape sealant to seal the flashing assembly
• Inspect a newly installed rooftop unit as soon as possible

People have used metal roofs since time immemorial, but the steel roof panels that were introduced in the 1960s had a lifespan of only 10 years. Today, advanced technology means that the metal roofs can last for more than 5 decades and they are also environmental-friendly since they can be recycled. Their long durability therefore significantly reduces repair and replacement costs.

Our repair experts are highly trained to safely and professionally repair any type of metal roofs. Furthermore, we fabricate custom panels, trim and other accessories out of only high quality metal sheets so as to match or accentuate any Minneapolis – St. Paul area roof.