Tons of metal is removed from construction sites every day. Some of it is recycled. Most is taken to landfills. At Central Roofing Company, we recycle the metal taken from our job sites and the scrap produced in our in-house sheet metal shop. We have earmarked all of the money generated from recycling for children’s charities, thus, we are “Scrappin’ for Kids.” Our recycling dollars have benefited organizations like Autism Speaks, St. Jude’s Medical Research, Special Olympics, and local school districts, to name a few. We are proud to say that in 2014 alone, we gave over $30,000 to children’s charities via our Scrappin’ for Kids program. That said, what we really would like to accomplish in the future is to see others recycling their scrap metal and giving to charity as well and to that end, we are Central to promoting the concept and working with others to get started “Scrappin’ for Kids.”

To recycle metal rather than remove it to the landfill is as easy as dropping two dumpsters at a big job site rather than one — one is used for general debris and the second is strictly for scrap or waste metal. When the scrap metal dumpster is full, we take it to K&K Metal Recycling in Minneapolis where they pay a premium price for recycling that benefits charities. Whether you need assistance with storing the metal or hauling it away, Central Roofing Company is a resource. For example, Robbinsdale Schools just contacted us requesting funds to support a new curriculum adoption. While Central Roofing Company could simply write a check, rather we told them about the literal wealth to be gained by recycling the metal taken off their schools this summer when several buildings are scheduled to be reroofed. We urged Robbinsdale Schools to write in their reroofing contract that all the metal be collected and the money generated for recycling used for their curriculum needs and it’s understanding that they will do just that. In the end they should have money to spare.

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